Speedy Comics

Company Profile

Speedy Group has created a phenomenon in pop culture for the very first time in the Gulf. The Speedy Group was created in 2018 and is one of the biggest toys and vintage  pop culture groups in the G.C.C. with rights to brands such as Geek House Show, Vaulted Vinyl, Undone, Super Hero Planet, Qposket and Q8 Toys.

Store and Coffee Shop

Speedy Comics - a specialty store dealing in vintage comics and pop culture collectables in the Middle East.

Geek House Show - The PR company and media arm of the Speedy Group.

Speedy Comics Apparels - A range of clothing, mugs and other memorabilia for all the geeks out there...

Celebrity & Talent Management - the company was created to acquire celebrities and other talents for the Middle East, Pakistan and China.


Speedy Comics Studio